Welcome on my blog website!

I’m Jonathan Tremesaygues, a 30 years old software developer based in Montpellier. I am also known on Internet by the nickname killruana.

I am a open-source enthusiast for 15 years now. I use Linux or BSD systems on my computers and servers, and my phone run an open-source version of Android.

Since I read The Circle written by Dave Eggers, I try to not use proprietary or commercial services. I have deleted my Facebook, Twitter amd Amazon accounts. I still own a Google account because my email address is used virtually everywhere >_>.

I like playing all type of games: board games, RPG, video games, … I also like outdoors sports: hiking, climbing, caving, biking.


  • Zcraft: a nice french community MineCraft server


You can contact me by the following means:

If you send me electronic mail, consider to encrypt the content with my OpenPGP public key. I do read all mail, but may or may not reply.

Myself snowshoeing

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